Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let's Eat: Scrambled Tofu with Leeks

Confession? I've gained a few kilos since I moved to Sydney a few months ago.

I'm working hard to get the weight off, by eating better, exercising more, and trying to have a positive outlook on life [and my body].

This morning for breakfast I made scrambled tofu with leeks.

Another confession? Leeks are quite possibly my favorite food.

I also really, really love kiwis. Kiwis are really cheap here, I buy them by the bagful for less than $3 AUD and can therefore justify eating one at basically every meal.


  1. i adore leeks. and kiwis aren't bad either!

  2. i adore leeks too! i should qualify that its a toss up between leeks and quince as my favorite food. i also can't eat enough kiwis it seems.