Thursday, December 24, 2009

Signs of Sydney: Christmas Jesus! edition

This is the same church sign space I've mentioned before. I noticed that they've mixed it up for the Christmas season, so I thought I'd share. [Yes, I realize I am giving them a lot of PR on this blog, however, their signs amuse me when I walk by them.]

Enjoy your Christmas if that's your holiday of choice! And if you're not celebrating, enjoy whatever tradition you partake in on December 25. [In America I'd be eating Chinese food and going to the movies; here I'm going to the beach!]


  1. I was concerned posting church signs would be offensive, but they're just so funny I couldn't help myself!

  2. Did you see the story about the New Zealand church that had artwork depicting Mary and Joseph under the sheets seemingly naked? I wonder if being in the southern hemisphere makes people more ready to push the envelope...

  3. We are SO about pushing the envelope ... more to the point: no one can stack up to G-d in bed, I think thats the real message of Christmas. (Wait did I just write that?!)