Friday, January 22, 2010

Eveleigh Farmers Market in Redfern

Heirloom tomatoes
More beautiful heirloom tomatoes
Blurry photo of a tomato Deborah was munching on
Yes, that is a man who sharpens knives on the back of a motorcycle- what you thought it was something else?
This cat is uninterested in fresh fruits or vegetables, but he/she was cute


  1. Those Heirloom tomatoes - looking at the photo, it reminded me of one of those Renaissance Still Lifes - what with the gloss on the fruit and the fine striping on the skin, and the colours, and the bowl, and the attention to detail of it all.
    Eg -
    Makes me wonder if anyone has ever gone through the Still Life paintings of the Old Masters and identified the varietals of fruit and vegetables involved....

  2. Now THERE'S a great idea for a blog! Going painting by painting, researching what would have been local available produce at the time ... fascinating ... you have brilliant thoughts Deborah :)

  3. I love the markets there and I've never seen such tomatoes, wow! Nice cat! :)

  4. Heirloom tomatoes are one of my favorite things, I was surprised to see them here though! :) I do enjoy a pretty cat walking around too!

  5. I laughed out loud at the cat caption. And those tomatoes really do look astounding!

  6. It was true about the cat! They were astounding! In fact I bought more yesterday and just ate one! Wait til you see the purple beans Durand!!

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