Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let's Eat: Veggie 'Chili' edition

I made this 'chili' to share with Lindsay for a lunch date last week. Lindsay doesn't like heat spicy, so I swapped the standard chili spices for smoked paprika and cumin. The 'chili' included two tins [cans for us Americans] of diced tomatoes, four diced carrots, frozen peas, red kidney beans, and garlic. What I love about 'chili' is that whatever you have on hand will probably taste good in it.


  1. It was so good. I could hover a bowl of it right now.

  2. Oh yummi yummi..if you like chili, you'll love the food here!!

  3. I am very excited by the idea of Singaporean cuisine! I love chili! :)