Thursday, January 14, 2010

Signs of Sydney: The Oriental Joint

Yeah, there's really a place- right next to the Chinatown gate in Haymarket- called the Oriental Joint.


  1. Can you describe its features dear friend? I would like to know moe about this point ..

    Sounds like a good place.
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  2. This is cute! I'm picturing opium and green tea :)

  3. It is cute. But I'm picturing a physiotherapist :)

  4. As far as I could tell (I did not wander inside) it was mostly Asian-y things (teas, herbs, natural medicines, etc.) I just found it endlessly amusing. It's on the Darling Harbour Side of the Chinatown gates if anyone's looking for it in the city.

    Also, Durand, I'm adding your blog to my list!

    Karen- no opium I don't think ...