Friday, February 12, 2010

For Another Rainy Weekend in Sydney

I will need this survival guide from Marta in 2 weeks when I am hopelessly unemployed.

I will also need to know how to buy a bike this spring. Hmm there are no instructions on how to ride one.

I'm sorry, another good medical reason to drink beer? Cheers mate!

Recently, I've been nuts about chai. Then I found this blog. Now I'm more nuts.

My hair is this long now, I wonder if I can get it to look this good?

Lauren said she would make me this sweater, gah- please? Please? Please?

Talk about using marketing.

I love the concept behind this blog.

Jessica was my roommate in Jordan, I don't necessarily agree with her views on flowers and cards, but they're worth reading.

Happy Valentines Day, Happy Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger!!), and Happy Being One Day Old Evan (your Abla loves you and will see you in a few weeks!).

Have a great weekend everyone.

PS - Photo taken on a walk over the Harbour Bridge. I did say to the Opera House, right?


  1. What a gorgeous view and definitely loving the sweater! Happy valentines and happy new year Robin. Have a good one.

  2. I'll be posting the hot cocoa recipe tomorrow :)

  3. Awesome!!! What about the cinnamon bread recipe? I'm totally interesting in how you made that bread, it looked amazing! :)