Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let's Eat: [Vegan] "Toll House" Cookies

I made these beauties the other week for my flatmates. They devoured them within 6 hours.
This recipe yields 3-5 dozen depending on the size of the cookie. [That's a lot of cookies to eat.]

The original recipe is here. For Megan [and anyone else who wants vegan substitutions!] here are the changes I made to the recipe.

Instead of:
  • butter I used margarine [Earth Balance would be the best American alternative.]
  • granulated/white sugar I used raw sugar. Raw sugar is great in this recipe because it gives them a nice texture since raw sugar doesn't dissolve all the way like granulated/white does.
  • eggs I used 1/3 cup of water. I'm sure egg replacer or even soy milk would have been better, but I didn't have any so I simply used water to get the cookie dough moist enough. I didn't really notice an issue with the cookies not staying together. Use an egg alternative if you have it, if not, tap water will do fine it seems.
  • obviously using dairy-free dark chocolate chips is the way to go. I also really like using walnuts. I tend to use a cup of each when I make them.
I've actually made this recipe so many times I have it memorized! [That's really sad, Robin.]

Well, then again, so is referring to yourself in the third-person on your own blog ...


  1. Robin, the only thing that's sad is that there are no more cookies left. They look delicious!

  2. Thanks Durand, sorry Zuzanna ate them all before you could get any! :(

  3. Thanks for posting the veganized recipe!

  4. Megan! Thanks for "gently reminding" me that I need to post vegan-versions of things {since that's how I actually eat them anyway!) :)