Saturday, December 19, 2009

Signs of Sydney: Wrong Flag edition

I took this photo in the map shop on Pitt Street in the CBD.

It seems the Turkish flag wants to either be Swiss or Thai.

[I checked- the entire stack is Turkish flags, there are no Swiss or Thai flags hiding behind the crescent moons.]

Why is it that I could spot a Turkish flag anywhere, you ask? Sigh ... I lived in Ankara with some incredibly amazing people in 2006.


  1. :)

    Loving this post...

    I am often dreaming of living abroad and meet amazing people.
    That time will come.


  2. :) Thanks Mila! I would encourage you to take every opportunity you are presented to live abroad, it is more rewarding than I can express.

  3. The old star-and-crescent does tend to stick in one's head after innumerable national holidays, doesn't it?
    I miss you.