Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Decade Review

I wasn't going to do a review post, mostly because I haven't been blogging that long, but everyone's talk about the last ten years got me to thinking ...

a lot has happened to me in the last ten years.

*I realize that I am not that old and that ten years is a little less than half of my life and that this exercise is very self-indulgent.

That being said, in the last ten years I ...

-entered high school [September 2000]
-became a vegan [November 2000]
-got my first job as a cashier at Linens 'n Things [September 2003]
-got my drivers license and first car [April 2004]
-graduated from high school [June 2004]
-went to university by myself in another state [August 2004]
-became a legal adult [October 2004]
-voted in my first national election [November 2004]
-my grandmother died [February 2005]
-my mom moved to North Carolina [May 2005]
-my mom married my stepfather [November 2005]
-moved to Ankara, Turkey [January 2006]
-moved to Amman, Jordan [January 2007]
-got my first real apartment in Pittsburgh [May 2007]
-turned 21 aka became a "real" adult [October 2007]
-met the man I love [New Years Eve 2007]
-defended my thesis and graduated from university [April 2008]
-got my first real big girl job in DC [May 2008]
-got my second real apartment this time near DC [June 2008]
-my grandfather died [August 2008]
-found out about the impending arrival of a close friend's baby [May 2009]
-took a magical trip to Lake Erie with the man I love [July 2009]
-moved to Sydney, Australia [August 2009]

And there we have it, a self-edited look at the last ten years.

The next ten years? Hmm ... what will I do between 23 and 33? That's a very good question ...

I know a few things for certain:

-there will be a baby in California born early this year that I am anxious to meet
-I will leave Sydney in March and move back to Pittsburgh
-hopefully grad school [maybe in the UK?]
-lots and lots of quality time with a certain tall, glasses-wearing man [please?]

Think about your last ten years, what were the major milestones?

What do you want the next decade to be?


  1. Robin, I love the idea of making a New Decade's Resolutions.

    It's as affirming and positive as a New Year's Resolution, only multiplied by a factor of ten.

    Beyond that, though, I'm not sure. My new decade's resolution is probably just to look back on 1 Jan 2020, and go, wow, that was an awesome ten years.

    I'd also quite like to not be living on some post-apocalypic globally-warmed underwater world by then too, please.

  2. Deborah, I wasn't necessarily aiming at a decade's worth of resolutions [I still don't have ones for this year sorted out!] but I like the concept in measuring things in spans of time.

    Here here on not being in a globally-warmed underwater world in 10 years! :)