Monday, January 4, 2010

Changes: Weeks 4-5

I am feeling much, much better from last week's yuckiness. I'm still spotted but that's getting better too. I've been good at sticking to the changes from weeks 1 and 2. I have been on holiday this week while my office is closed but I have been trying to stay active and eat well.

I mentioned two weeks ago that I was making some big changes and I have been fairly successful in overhauling my diet and adding in a new exercise regiment.

I've been eating almost all raw food. Aside from my morning coffee, my diet was almost completely raw for two weeks. Raw food is incredible. I feel amazing! No more sugar crashes when the carbs wear off, tons of energy, and I'm sleeping better.

I think a total raw food diet would be a bit extreme for me all the time, but I like the idea of incorporating more raw foods into my diet [something like one totally raw meal a day or only raw after 2 pm, something along those lines]. There will be a few raw recipes coming that I've made over the last few weeks that I would like to share with you, so be on the look out.

I've also started running again! I ran a good bit in 2007 - 2008 but got out of the habit after I graduated from university and got a "real" job in DC. I've been transitioning myself back into running the last few weeks with the help of the Couch-to-5k plan. I'm taking it slowly, doubling the sessions in each "week" of the program to help my muscles remember how great running is. I'm running every other day and on my non-running days I'm trying to do other activities [today for example, I'm playing tennis with my former boss after work]. I'm feel really great after I run, the good kind of tired, and- my jeans fit without a terrible struggle yesterday!

I think the changes over the last five weeks are already starting to show improvements in my body, mind, and health so my plan for next week [and the last 9 weeks I have left in Australia!] is to stick with them and keep you updated on my progress.


  1. Thanks for the comment!
    I don't know if you've seen on my blog or not, but I also just recently got back into running, and ran a 5k in the fall. It was wonderful, but now it's snowy and icy here in Pittsburgh and I'm not a big fan of running in the cold so I'm sort of at a stand still... pun not intended.
    And I'm really interested in your raw food recipes. My vegan friend got into it for awhile but stopped because of fundage issues. I'd like to see what sorts of foods you eat.

  2. Hi Kayla! Thank you for the comment back, I was so excited when I found your blog!

    Congrats on running a 5k! That's what I'm working my way up to. I ran a marathon in 07 when I lived in Jordan and I kept up the running in Pittsburgh but I fell off the wagon after graduating.

    I completely understand the Pittsburgh winter running situation, its crappy :(

    Yeah raw food seems to be a lot of money and a lot of time/prep work, I'm thinking adding more raw into my already vegan diet is the way to go, recipes soon I promise! :)