Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things on the Internets

Here are some things worth browsing on a lazy Saturday afternoon:

I have a necklace with an ampersand on it that people always comment on. My love of this symbol is shared by others it seems.

Mocking the recent trend in home design websites [no offense Jane!] is really, really funny.

This Purple Sticky Rice Tart looks amazing - but it's too complicated a recipe for my taste.

Joanna's Notes is the cleverest thing I read everyday.

Remind me never to confess any stories publicly about urine.

I love my hometown and the spirit behind this blog. And I would Free Hug this guy.

Here's a recipe that's more my speed. One ingredient ... but I don't have a blender. :(

Why don't I own these?

Dear Pantone I don't need any more reasons to want to get married, thanks.

I need to think less about doing this and actually do it.

Think I could tweet myself a job?

I'm used to Whole Foods having sketchy policies, but this crosses a line.

Oh, Paris. You're so pretty. I mean, you're no Istanbul but I still love you.

PS - photo was taken on a very nice and very lovely walk around the Bay last week.


  1. I would love to be in your picture right now, gorgeous!!

  2. Oh thanks Karen! It was a lovely walk I took earlier this week with a friend, I need to do more walking and photo taking while I'm here! :)

  3. Wow! I have a one word description for that one-ingredient-ice-cream-made-from-bananas recipe. Inspired! :)

    (Note: "Inspired" is an Aramaic word meaning "Tastes nothing like ice cream")

  4. PS: The walk around the bay was indeed lovely.

  5. If I had a blender I would test this faux ice cream recipe, but alas I do not. :(

    I agree! All time with you is lovely Durand!

  6. I read your Notes everyday Joanna, its a real treat! :)