Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Morning Cute: Not my balcony edition

It's not my balcony [it's one just up Palmer Street], but I'd be delighted to see them some morning if they ever want to come visit me. As long as they don't crap on my clothes line.


  1. Oh Robin I've know these cockatoos!
    I've often seen them, while in my (alright, my dad's) car, waiting at the traffic lights to turn on to William Street, and they're always in a row on one of the balconies, just like that. I wonder whether there's someone in the apartment there that feeds them.
    Wildlife in the inner city... nice to know that it's not just cockroaches and rats out there.

  2. That's exactly right! I bet someone feeds them, or they like the foliage on the balcony. :)

  3. Wow, you'll never seen them here...if it happened, I would wondered if they escaped from a pet shop.

  4. That was my thought the first time I saw them too! But apparently they're locals and everywhere in my part of Sydney! :)