Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Eveleigh Farmers Market

The backside of the stalls at the Eveleigh Market at Carriageworks.
The sky above the market while I waited for a very late friend.
One of the windows of the old electric factory next to Carriageworks.
You'd think it was winter or something with these vegetables.


  1. Oh how I can not wait for spring so I can frequent our farm market in Del Ray again!!!

    DId you hear we're expecting ANOTHER bad snowstorm this weekend, then one mon-tues potentially?

  2. PS: I made the previous comment from an airplane. FROM AN AIRPLANE! What is this world coming too? :)

  3. I heard you all are expected terrible snow! What crazy weather! I remember years would go by and we wouldn't have any real snow when I was a kid there.

    An airplane?! Where are you going?