Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Changes: Week 2

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I just finished my second week of making changes to my lifestyle to combat my recent weight gain and get healthier.

Just as a refresher, my plan is to make two changes each week and then compound them the following week with two new changes, so that I am improving all the areas [diet, fitness level, attitude, etc.] a little at a time.

The changes from Week 1 were:

1. Walk to and from work = 5 miles a day, roundtrip.

2. Limit myself to ONE cup of coffee per day.

Last week ["Week 2"] I added these changes:

3. Tofu not toast. You probably noticed from earlier posts that I love scrambled tofu. But usually I only get around to making it on the weekends and during the work week I wolf down toast and fruit for breakfast. I thought, what if I swapped my morning carb intake for protein-rich tofu instead? Tofu is cheap, easy to prepare, and keeps me feeling full.

4. Go out and do something active! Aside from my walking to and from work, I don't move very much. I like coffee shops and reading, neither of which gets my heart pumping and my muscles in motion. So this week I decided to say YES to every physical activity offered to me. Tennis on Monday with my former boss, bowling on Tuesday with friends, swimming in the ocean on Friday, and hiking in the Blue Mountains on Saturday.

So how am I doing? Well, apparently I'm 15 lbs, not 10 lbs heavier than I was when I got here in August. Stepping on the scale was a bit of a blow to my self-esteem. Normally I wouldn't step on a scale, but I tried on a pair of pants that no longer fit and I wanted to see how I'm doing weight-wise. The answer is: not well. :(

The tofu instead of toast idea is a keeper, I don't feel hungry when I get to my office, even after walking 2.5 miles to get there. I realize that I was really active this week [tennis, bowling, swimming, and hiking] and that for normal weeks when I'm working full-time that may be a bit ambitious and unrealistic. But I am going to make a conscious effort to be more active.

My new roommate Suzanna wants to go running, so I am going to do that with her. And I am going to go to the beach more [the close proximity and summer weather would be wasted if I didn't]. I am also going to try to meet up with friends and just go for walks or do something that doesn't involve eating or coffee shopping going.

I've been sticking to the one coffee-a-day rule and I feel fine! I didn't need that much caffeine running through my body and walking to/from work has become unconscious habit already that I don't even think about taking a bus or train.

I'll keep you updated on how I'm doing with the first two weeks of goals as I establish new ones for this week. Here's hoping I can get those pants to fit soon!


  1. Lately I've been putting on last year's fall/winter work clothes, only to find that they don't - gasp - fit. I mean, pants that can NOT zip all the way. Horror of horrors. I've been trying to walk all my errands. And actually, it's been good, because you know Potomac Yards' parking lot is insane this time of year.

    It's inspiring to read how you're doing. Keeps me a little more motivated :)

  2. That's my big motivation right now- getting my pants to fit again! I think walking is the key, if you do a couple laps around Potomac Yards you'll be all set! :) Thanks for the encouragement Jane, we can motivate each other! My plan is to be fit and active when I move back home!

  3. I've been trying to exercise to start being healthier too and have started taking the stairs. I find that brown rice also helps as I don't get hungry for a longer time. I admire your persistence :)

  4. I know that diet is important but I also think nothing impacts more than getting moving! The stairs are a great idea. Brown rice is a great idea. I like a combination of brown rice, sweet potatoes, and green tea to help keep me full. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm really working on being healthier! :)